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All event summaries for the Bantallas Delar campaign will be posted in this thread.

Table of Contents
Part 1: A Minor Inconvenience (March 27th 2017)
Part 2: Fate of the Fallen (March 31st 2017)
Part 3: Awkward Alliances (April 7th 2017)
Part 4: Fickle Feuds (April 10th 2017)
Part 5: Starfall (April 19th 2017)
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Part 1: A Minor Inconvenience - March 27th 2017
Participants: Shaureyne, Siflyn, Thane, Kelthos, Lyenna, Mythanil, Avira, Sarynth (as Kelyiara), Feyawen (as Mythera)

Mission Report #1 - Suramar: Nightfallen Rebellion

Date: Yseralla 27, Year 33
Reported by: Captain Shaureyne Razorleaf

Summary: Our journey to Suramar started off simple. After debriefing and gathering our humble supply cache, our unit departed Azsuna at twilight and proceeded to cross the nearest river into the region.

We were only partway down the main road when the ground began to shake. A Nightfallen, whom later called himself Leauvoix, approached our party from behind. He appeared starved, frail, and extremely weak, though he was quick on his feet. We opted to stay our blades, albeit tentatively, and listened to his plea for help. Leauvoix claimed to have just escaped from Felsoul Hold, a prominent Legion location nearby, and was being chased by wrathguards. Said wrathguards then appeared on the horizon - and not a moment too soon, as his rushed story became more suspicious.

We hid the Nightfallen in our ranks and proceeded to take out these three wrathguards with relative ease, proving them as no match for our unit's precise striking blows. Curiously, there were no reinforcements.

Leauvoix praised us for saving him and offered to lead us to a safe campground. We squabbled for some time over the legitimacy of his word until he presented us with the magical dusk lily sigil. Only then did we decide to follow him.

Upon reaching this temporary camp, Leauvoix informed us of his current situation: he and four other Nightfallen scouts had been captured by demons during a mission to obtain arcane readings within the Hold for a "Chief Telemancer" of the rebellion, and by pure luck, he snatched a key and escaped his prison. He pleaded for our assistance, and stated the "inquisitors" that tortured them are unlike other demons, in that they toy with both mind and soul.

At this point, the Nightfallen became too unstable to continue, and had to be fed a nearby mana crystal. We struck a deal to save his companions, so long as we were delivered to the rebellion headquarters afterwards. He happily agreed.

The unit has proceeded to begin preparations for our assault on Felsoul Hold. We expect this to take a few days at most, and hope to recover all of the missing Nightfallen. Leauvoix is currently on 24/7 watch, and is being fed mana shards regularly in order to prevent him from withering.

Injuries: Siflyn retained moderate sword injuries. Shaureyne and Thane retained minor sword injuries.

Notes: Despite Leauvoix's predispositions, most of the unit still deems him untrustworthy. This will be taken into account as leadership plans our rescue mission.
"Return to your base. Prepare your greatest warriors. The Sentinel army will not fall to the likes of you brutes."
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Part 2: Fate of the Fallen - March 31st 2017
Participants: Shaureyne, Siflyn, Thane, Kelthos, Lyenna, Mythanil, Avira, Sylfdra, Kelanthos, Sarynth (as Kelyiara), Feyawen (as Mythera)

Mission Report #2 - Suramar: Nightfallen Rebellion

Date: Yseralla 31, Year 33
Reported by: Captain Shaureyne Razorleaf

Summary: This roll of parchment seems particularly tattered, and there are small, faint splatters of purple blood littered across its surface.

The unit gathered at twilight. Leauvoix sat in waiting. The evening's mission was debriefed by the captain: Leauvoix teleports the unit into Felsoul Hold and casts an illusion upon everyone to trick nearby demons. Then, the unit proceeds to the Nightfallen prisoners, breaks their chains, escorts them to a safe place, and Leauvoix casts another teleport spell to bring everyone back to our current campground. All questions from the unit were answered by the captain and Leauvoix without hesitation, including but not limited to the reliability of Leauvoix to perform such a series of complex spellcasting.

The mission began well. The teleport was successful, as well as the illusion, which transformed us into Wyrmtongue scavengers. We made our way past wrathguards at the entryway, and quickly discovered the prisoners nearby - a man and a woman. The woman was badly beaten and unconscious. The male, however, was fully awake. Leauvoix freely charged at them, but was easily pulled back to his senses by our twiceborne ally.

Once approached, the male prisoner, now known as Ilbault, begged for freedom. The inquisitor demons would return soon. His chains, as well as Ifritte's, the unconscious woman, were broken by the twiceborne. Kelanthos Ivyfang then revived Ifritte with a well-placed healing spell. Upon inquiry of the location of the rest of the Nightfallen scouting party, Ilbault pointed towards a nearby soul vat.

The unit proceeded to escort Ilbault, Ifritte, and Leauvoix to a hidden slope nearby. The longer time went on, the closer we were to encountering our demonic captors, which we needed to avoid at all costs.

Leauvoix began to cast his final teleportation spell. He did well. At first. Then, when the magic popped, nothing happened.

The Nightfallen attempted the teleportation a second time. In doing so, he channeled every last sliver of his strength. Our illusions faded. We were left wide open in enemy territory. Leauvoix screamed his allegiance to Suramar and First Arcanist Thalyssra. The magic popped again.

The teleport was successful. Relatively. We did not appear back at camp. We appeared on a large hill just outside of Felsoul Hold. The unit, Ifritte, and Ilbault were all accounted for.

What we could not account for was Leauvoix, as well as the massive amount of missing body parts and broken bo...

An unusually large splatter of blood stains this section of the parchment.

... rebels took us in to Shal'aran while we were still dazed. The unit is scheduled for several days of bed rest and endless wound dressings.

Injuries: Mythera suffered deadly internal bleeding and remains comatose. Sylfdra suffered two broken legs. Lyenna suffered the permanent removal of her left hand, and a nearly-complete removal of her right foot. Avira suffered heavy external bleeding via the nose, eyes, and ears, in addition to severe vomiting. Kelanthos suffered a severe collapsing of the lungs. Mythanil suffered moderate to critical gash wounds on various sections of her right side, including the arm and leg. Shaureyne suffered moderate mutilation to her right leg, in addition to the complete breakage of nearly every bone in said leg. Siflyn, Kelyiara, and Kelthos retained minimal injuries.

Notes: We prayed to Elune, but received no answer.
"Return to your base. Prepare your greatest warriors. The Sentinel army will not fall to the likes of you brutes."
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Part 3: Awkward Alliances - April 7th 2017
Participants: Shaureyne, Siflyn, Kelthos, Mythanil, Avira, Sarynth, Feyawen, Thane (as Thalean)

Mission Report #3 - Suramar: Nightfallen Rebellion

Date: Eludore 7, Year 33
Reported by: Captain Shaureyne Razorleaf

Summary: After a restless week of recovery, the unit was approached by Ifritte and Ilbault. The two Nightborne had consumed the fruit of the Arcan'dor, and were whole once again, free of the withering hunger. Idle chit chat ensued. Ilbault also explained that Leauvoix perished, sacrificing himself to power the teleportation that delivered our unit and the rescued Nightborne away from Felsoul Hold. He will be remembered.

Following this, Ifritte and Ilbault gave the unit a tour of Shal'aran. We were given an up close look at the refugee halls, the Arcan'dor, the portal and mail network, the makeshift bazaar, and the "grand" library. Remarkably, the cavern is in good shape for such a costly rebellion.

After this, the unit was approached by what appeared to be a rather short human. He then presented himself as Zachary Anderton, an ambassador from the Kirin Tor, and was assigned to our unit specifically. Wary of the mage, the unit bombarded him with inquiries of when they would be able to return to resting. Anderton assured us his only task this evening was to deliver us to the elven camps outside Suramar, where we may properly prepare to assist the Nighthold assault as planned. I also believe one of our recruits stole his coinpurse...

A quick nightsaber ride ensured our timely arrival at the camps. Before settling in, we were directed to a meeting pathway. Two particularly peeved elves stood in waiting - a quel'dorei and sin'dorei. Respectively, Anderton introduced them as Faedriel Stormstriker and Velanna Silverstar, dubbing them our new, temporary allies during this civil conflict.

The Kirin Tor ambassador was rather quick to depart the scene as soon as the introductions had concluded. So much so, in fact, he blinked directly into the trunk of a nearby tree. The other two elven leaders departed without a word. Their animosity towards each other was poorly veiled.

At this point, the captain dismissed the unit and left them to their own devices. Or, in most cases, wound dressings.

Injuries: None.

Thank the Goddess.

Notes: The unit has been instructed to keep a wary eye upon the quel'dorei and sin'dorei camps. They are not to engage in any cacophonous behavior. The captain speculates Stormstriker and Silverstar will not be a pleasure to work with.
"Return to your base. Prepare your greatest warriors. The Sentinel army will not fall to the likes of you brutes."
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Part 4: Fickle Feuds - April 10th 2017
Participants: Shaureyne, Siflyn, Lyenna, Anathian, Avira, Mythanil, Kelthos, Thalannor, Sarynth (as Kelyiara), Thane (as Kadeas)

Mission Report #4 - Suramar: Nightfallen Rebellion

Date: Eludore 10, Year 33
Reported by: Captain Faedriel Stormstriker; CC: Captain Shaureyne Razorleaf

Summary: This report is written in a loopy but elegant font, with glittering navy blue ink...

Captain Razorleaf remained in Suramar camps due to physical predispositions.

Her unit, alongside mine and Master Velanna Silverstar's, executed a refugee rescue operation.
We delved deep into the Grand Promenade of Suramar City in search of any and all Nightborne in need. Of course, this operation was prolonged delayed, as usual, by Silverstar and her unit's incessant narcissism.

Three Nightborne children were found and escorted in total. An older, deceased male was also discovered and left to rot. Two of the children were siblings, and their parents were lost not far from the location. However, rescuing said parents was argued against by Silverstar, followed by some of Razorleaf's sentinels. Silverstar proceeded to sputter raging, hateful words towards me.
Her tirade was eventually interrupted by the Kirin Tor's magical securing of the city perimeter, which garnered the interest of an arcane construct. The blood elves, like a dog to a bone,
scrambled to the scene. My rangers and the sentinels followed shortly after, once a proper escort for the Nightborne children was secured. A different search party was sent after their parents, near Lunastre Estate.

The arcane construct was quickly dealt with, but eventually self-destructed. Fortunately, the Kirin Tor completed their spellcasting. Thus, the wounded gathered themselves before returning to camp, separately, in their own units.

Injuries: Several Silverwing Sentinels retained many wounds from shrapnel and arcane magic, varying in detriment. They are expected to make a full recovery. My rangers retained minor gashes. The blood elves lived up to their namesake.

Notes: This section of the report seems scribbled in as an afterthought; or, rather, an anger-induced one.

Velanna Silverstar remains a danger to herself, her unit, and everyone else that is forced to share her space.
"Return to your base. Prepare your greatest warriors. The Sentinel army will not fall to the likes of you brutes."
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Part 5: Starfall - April 19th 2017
Participants: Shaureyne, Siflyn, Kelanthos, Kelthos, Sylfdra, Mythanil, Lyenna (as Daspiren Silentoak), Sarynth (as Kelyiara), Feyawen (as Mythera)

Mission Report #5 - Suramar: Nightfallen Rebellion

Date: Eludore 19, Year 33
Reported by: Captain Shaureyne Razorleaf

Summary: The unit gathered up at the gates of Suramar City, alongside all of the Nightborne rebels, quel'dorei, sin'dorei, Kirin Tor, and others dedicated to the cause. Our tasks were debriefed by a rather nervous Zachary Anderton: push through the Grand Promenade, move across the bridge, and then hold the Concourse of Destiny. We accepted this fate and were left to wait for the horn of battle.

Once blown, we charged. An arcane construct awaited our bulk forces, but was easily thwarted, its self-destruct mechanism being forcibly disabled by Kelyiara's brunt attack. The unit pushed onward to the bridge, where a group of Felborne teleported in to distract us. They, too, were swiftly dealt with. In no time, we took our defensive positions at the Concourse, and waited.

It took only a few moments for the teleportation pad to become compromised. A Felborne woman adorned with a powerful runic sword emerged, dubbing herself "Spellblade Aurealia", a high-ranking lieutenant of the city's forces.

The battle was long, and rough. Her enchantments wreaked havoc upon our sentinels. For a while, she toyed with us. Only when she showed strong signs of physical deterioration did she begin to tap into her full powers inherited from the Legion, transforming into a creature akin to a rabid demon hunter. Her felfire balls ripped through our front line, causing extensive injuries, but her power rendered her extremely physically vulnerable. Kelyiara's dragon pet promptly saw to attempt devouring the Spellblade, before being spit out and rendered dead by Silentoak's hand.

The Spellblade's death saw the end of our part in the Nightfallen Rebellion. Zachary Anderton quickly approached the scene to inform us of the time warp at the gate of the Nighthold, and provided the unit a portal back to the camps to begin recuperation.

Injuries: The entire unit retained fel-fire-arcane burns of varying severity. Kelanthos retained moderate felfire burns. Kelthos retained moderate felfire burns. Mythanil retained a severe sword gash and deadly felfire burns.

Kelthos' animal companion, Umbranox, was the only casualty; bombarded by a rain of felfire.

Notes: Despite our extensive injuries, we are proud to have been a part of such a pivotal moment in the history of our race.
"Return to your base. Prepare your greatest warriors. The Sentinel army will not fall to the likes of you brutes."
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