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This thread contains the complete log of Silverwing's decommission ceremony, complete with screenshots. The log itself has been edited to provide ease of reading, typo corrections, and clean-up of posts irrelevant to the event at large.

Risri has also posted a wonderful report of the ceremony for her in-character newspaper, <The Royal Courier>, which can be viewed at this link.

Shaureyne Razorleaf looks around the gathered crowd, pursing her lips. The captain’s face is pale and pensive, but her stance is formal, her hands grasped tightly behind her back. A gentle breeze graces the gathering as Elune’s light begins to peek through the trees above.

“T-thank you,” Shaureyne stutters, her voice sounding hoarse. She quietly attempts to clear her throat before continuing. “Thank you, everyone, for coming. The support given from our sisters and brothers during this difficult time has been... staggering.” Reyne pauses for a moment, taking a deep breath.

[Shaureyne]: ... To formally begin the ceremony, per tradition, I ask that you all remain silent as Priestess Feyawen Nightfury bestows an ancient blessing upon our gathering and, inherently, the Sentinel unit that we will lay to rest tonight.

Shaureyne looks at Feyawen.
Feyawen bows before Shaureyne.

Feyawen stepped forward, joining Shaureyne's side. She cast her gaze up and down the line, smiling at many familiar and many unfamiliar faces. "Alah darnana dor, shan'are," she began.

[Feyawen]: "Tonight, we are in this sacred grove to honor one of the most stalwart units in the Sentinel Army, Captain Razorleaf’s Silverwing Sentinels. As we gather, we thank Elune for the fellowship and safety that the Silverwing have provided. And we honor their years of service and sacrifice in the name of Elune and the Alliance."

[Feyawen]: "Let Mother Moon shine her light amongst us for the period of this ceremony, may she strengthen and inspire us with her wisdom. May She fill this meeting with her presence and open our conversations with grace and truth."

Feyawen looks up the line of sentinels, from Commander Wintershade and Captain Razorleaf's cadres, smiling. "May our hearts be filled with Her love and wisdom, so that as we journey onwards we may share Her love and grace with others. Shaha lor'ma, shan'are. May the Silverwing walk into the night with Elune’s blessing.”

Feyawen bows before Shaureyne.
Feyawen slipped back into line beside Aneldraen Silentstar.

"Thank you, priestess,” Shaureyne says quietly, nodding at Feyawen. “With this blessing, the ceremony has now officially begun,” Shaureyne announces, taking another deep breath. Her eyes dart anxiously between each elf ahead of her.

[Shaureyne]: The Razorleaf unit is one that boasts years of history. Initially led by then-Captain Zelara Razorleaf, the unit bore witness to the atrocities of the Cataclysm. They fought bravely against the Horde onslaught and subsequent skirmishes. They beat back the coastal naga threat.

[Shaureyne]: And, all the while, they maintained a reputation of unprecedented combat prowess among their sisters and brothers of the kaldorei. Eventually, even the Horde learned to dread the faint echo of our battle horns.

Shaureyne’s face seems paler than before. “When Zelara was promoted to Sentinel-Commander, leadership was passed down to me - her sister. The legacy of the Razorleaf unit would continue to strike fear into the heart of Ashenvale’s enemies - into all of Azeroth’s enemies - for years to come.”

[Shaureyne]: We dove deep into the heart of the forest’s corruption and snuffed out the efforts of one of the Legion’s most notorious dreadlords. We cast out the ogre warlocks plaguing the ancient Isildien ruins in Feralas. We thwarted the efforts of Azshara’s cronies, and secured a powerful artifact that could have spelled our doom.

[Shaureyne]: And then… we were called to the Broken Isles.

[Shaureyne]: In Val’sharah, we fought bravely against the Nightmare, and it cost us dearly. In Azsuna, we worked with the Illidari to take out a lucrative Legion target and his command ship. In Suramar, we were at the very front lines of the assault upon the Nighthold - a battle that would shape the future of the elven lineage, and Azeroth itself.

[Shaureyne]: And then, throughout our travels, we secured various shards of power from key points on the Isles. Shards that, if combined, would have created a disc containing power beyond comprehension. We witnessed the death of the satyr that wished to control them.

[Shaureyne]: We witnessed horrors by his hand that cannot be undone. But the shards have been locked away… and he is gone.

Shaureyne’s eyes appear glazed over, but she continues. “Finally, we arrived at the Broken Shore to pursue the dreadlord we had confronted once before, here in Ashenvale. We searched for days. We lost many comrades we had made along the way...” Reyne stops for a moment, taking three slow, controlled breaths.

“... Only to learn that the dreadlord was one of those comrades. We were fooled. But justice was dealt, in the end.” Shaureyne glances down at the ground, quiet. Her speech seems to be taking a bigger toll on her than she expected. She quickly looks back up, though, with a solemn face.

"Unfortunate circumstances have led to the decommissioning of the Razorleaf unit. Circumstances that cannot be changed,” Shaureyne continues. Her eyes pass over her fellow sisters and brothers. “I host this ceremony with the heaviest of hearts.”

[Shaureyne]: ... But let it be known: the Razorleaf unit has been home to the most dedicated, talented warriors that the Sentinel army has ever seen, or will -ever- see. As their captain, I am certain that, wherever Elune chooses to lead them after this, they will go on to serve her and the kaldorei people with an unprecedented level of vigilance and dedication. The Night Warrior, now and forever, will ride at their sides. And they will persevere.

Shaureyne sniffs a bit, lifting her chin into the air. “They will -always- persevere.”

Silentoak stands up a bit straighter.

Moonlight filters heavily through the forest trees now, lending a more serene atmosphere to the gathering. Shaureyne takes a moment to herself, turning away from the crowd to rub her eyes. When she looks back at everyone, her lip quivers ever so slightly.

Hâzel smiled sadly, glancing back at her unit members.

Sarynth watched Shaureyne through slightly narrowed eyes.

[Shaureyne]: At this time, I would like to invite any that wish to say their piece about the Razorleaf unit to please step forward, and form an orderly line along this pathway. One speaker at a time. Try to keep things… brief.

A line of people wishing to speak begins to quietly gather in front of Shaureyne. Kelthos Moongale is first.

[Shaureyne]: Sentinel Moongale. You may speak.

Kèlthos smiles at Shaureyne.

[Kèlthos]: It is no secret that I was a late addition to the Unit, but my time amongst these Sentinels has shown me valor and determination the likes of which I have never seen before. It has been truly one of my life's great honors to fight at their side.

[Kèlthos]: Once my Captain, always my Captain.

Kèlthos salutes Shaureyne with respect.
Kèlthos smiles at Shaureyne.
Shaureyne salutes Kèlthos with respect.

Squire Erin Havenfield approaches as the second speaker.

Shaureyne nods at Iliaa.

[Shaureyne]: I don't believe I know your name.

[Iliaa]: Squire Erin Havenfield of the Dawn. I was not familiar with the Razorleaf unit, and I will not pretend that I was. What I am familiar with, is grief. The grief on Captain Razorleaf's face told me more than her words possibly could. The Razorleaf unit was more than just that. Then again, no unit is just that. Bonds the are forged on the battlefield are often stronger than those forged off of it. I have no doubt, that even after this day has passed, and the unit is no more, they will remain a family. Thank you for your time.

Iliaa bows before Shaureyne.

[Líall]: Well said.
[Shaureyne]: Indeed.

Xeqwene Ever-Tear approaches as the third speaker.

Xeqwena clasps her hands in front of her, waiting for Reyne's go ahead.
Raseri looks over at Erin, an eyebrow perked.

[Shaureyne]: Huntress Ever-Tear.
Shaureyne smiles at Xeqwena.

[Xeqwena]: Thank you, Captain Razorleaf. I, personally, have spent many years in the service of the Sentinel Army. With those years and experience comes the pleasure of getting to know many good souls throughout their service. I have worked aside many Silverwing Sentinels, and they have always served valiantly. On this evening, we say goodbye to their unit, but not to our friendships.

[Xeqwena]: May our kindred ever continue to spirit onwards. Tor ilisar'thera'nal.

Xeqwena salutes Shaureyne with respect.
Lydirana smiles at Xeqwena.
Shaureyne salutes Xeqwena with respect.

[Shaureyne]: Thank you, sister.

Mirodiil Dusksong approaches as the fourth speaker.

Serinyl smiles at Mirodiil.

[Mirodiil]: I am Mirodiil Dusksong, There was a time when I would constantly look over my shoulder, fearing every shadow in winterspring was a sentiel archer, When I came to Darnassus I found I was right to be afraid. Though as allies there are none more reliable to watch your back then those in the Sentinels.

Mirodiil bows before Shaureyne.
Shaureyne smiles at Mirodiil.

Kelanthos Ivyfang approaches as the fifth speaker.

Kelanthos brushes off his tattered tabard as he approaches his Captain.

[Kelanthos]: It had been quite some time, before working under you command, since I had left Nighthaven for anything other than my own personal endeavors, or work with the Cenarion Circle.

[Kelanthos]: I am forever grateful to Elune that I was given the opportunity to work, fight, and live along side your cadre. There is no one that could stop me from coming to your aid, and no where on Azeroth I would not go to help any member of my new family.

[Kelanthos]: Thank you Captain for a lifetime's worth of memories that I will cherish always.

Kelanthos salutes Shaureyne with respect.
[Shaureyne]: Thank you, Kelanthos.
Shaureyne salutes Kelanthos with respect.
[Kelanthos]: Ash’Elune doren dal’belah, ande’nal tole taldu.
Kelanthos bows before Shaureyne.

Sarynth Stormglaive approaches as the sixth speaker.

Sarynth grins at Shaureyne wickedly.
Shaureyne stares Sarynth down.

Hâzel had a hand pressed to her lips to stop herself from making too much noise as she cried.

[Shaureyne]: ... Stormglaive.

A sly smirk spreads across Feyawen's face.

[Sarynth]: Ishnu'alah. I am Sentinel-Lieutenant Sarynth Stormglaive. The Captain's right hand, as was. I have served my people faithfully for over ten-thousand years, and my tenure under Razorleaf has been... Interesting.

Xeqwena chuckles.

[Sarynth]: While we've clashed idealistically, strategically, and of course, personality-wise, it has been an honor to lend my blade to her and this unit.

[Sarynth]: Silverwing! Who's like us? -Damn- few! And they're all dead.

Sarynth stands at attention and salutes.

Vindicator Varistus approaches as the seventh speaker.

Shaureyne purses her lips before turning her attention to Varistus.

[Varistus]: From the time our people crash-landed on this planet, the elves of Darnassus have been our closest allies. Those under your command have been closer still. I simply wish to say thank you. For making us feel welcome, for allowing us to aid you, and yours. And for sharing your home with us.

Varistus bows before Shaureyne.
[Shaureyne]: Thank you, Vindicator.
Shaureyne bows before Varistus.

Liall Frostwind approaches as the eighth and final speaker.

Shaureyne looks at Líall.

[Líall]: I am Liall Donaghue Frostwind. When I was in Gilneas, it was Sentinels who came with the boats to take us to the safety of Teldrassil. I was amazed that they were willing to fight and bleed for a people not of their kin... and a land not their Home...

Mirodiil smiles at Líall.

[Líall]: I swore an oath before Elune that I would return the favor. Now I am a part of a new tradition of Sentinels... The Moonclaw. I look to your cadre, Captain Razorleaf, as well as Commander Wintershade's for inspiration....

[Líall]: I shall endeavor to serve with as much ferocity, nobility and pride. Thank you, Captain for serving not only your people but mine as well. We are forever bonded together. No matter where Elune guides you now... remember the Sentinel Maxim....

[Líall]: I am never without my sisters. And they are never without me.

Líall salutes Shaureyne with respect.
Shaureyne salutes Líall with respect.

[Shaureyne]: Thank you, Liall.
Feyawen smiles at Líall.

[Shaureyne]: Thank you... all of you.

The gathered crowd collectively salutes the captain.

Shaureyne takes another deep breath.
Kèlthos cheers at Shaureyne.

[Shaureyne]: At this point in the ceremony, I invite all of you to join me as I make a short pilgrimage to the Moonwell of Cleansing, just north of this grove. It is there that I shall offer my own tabard to Elune as tribute for her grace throughout our unit’s ventures, which will also symbolize the ultimate dissolving of the unit itself.

Shaureyne bows down graciously.

[Feyawen]: "By your lead, Captain."
Shaureyne nods at Feyawen.
Feyawen smiles at Shaureyne.

The gathered crowd follows behind Shaureyne as she makes her pilgrimage to the Moonwell of Cleansing.

The Moonwell of Cleansing is as magical as ever. The light of the moon shines brightly upon the shimmering azure waters, while soft coos can be heard echoing from nearby sprite darters that begin to casually hover near the gathering as they file in.

Shaureyne carefully climbs the moonwell steps and looks up into the sky with a small sigh before turning to face the crowd.

“It is here that the legacy of the Razorleaf unit shall be laid to rest,” Shaureyne says, smoothing down the tabard on her chest. “But make no mistake: that legacy will not fade. It will live on. In history. In spirit. In me, and in all of you. We will not forget our triumphs. We will honor them with our future deeds. We will honor them…”

[Shaureyne]: ... By moving forward.

Feyawen looks at Shaureyne.
Kelanthos salutes Shaureyne with respect.

With this, Shaureyne turns back around to face the moonwell. She begins to carefully remove portions of her armor, beginning with her pauldrons, her boots, her gloves, her daggers, and finally ending with her tabard. She falls to her knees as she meticulously and neatly folds the tabard up on the stone in front of her. Once complete, the Silverwing crest is fully visible in the center, with no room for sloppy creases.

Líall felt herself tear up a bit
Seldarine wiped her eyes on her sleeves.
Kelanthos held his breath.
Auswelle withdraws a handkerchief with which to dab her eyes.

“This tabard represents hope in a hopeless world,” Shaureyne states. She gently lifts the tabard into her hands as she stands up, then holds out the crest for all to behold.

[Shaureyne]: It represents strength. Vigilance. The Night Warrior aspect has blessed us time and again. Now, we return these blessings unto her and Mother Moon, aided by the experiences that have led us to this moment.

Shaureyne slowly turns around again, looking down at the tabard in her hands. Another quiet moment passes as she takes one last breath before stepping down into the moonwell’s waters.

Lydirana sighed lightly.

[Kèlthos]: Once our captain, always our captain...

The moonwell begins to glow brightly in Shaureyne’s presence - or perhaps simply the presence of her tabard itself. She comes down to one knee, holding the tabard in front of her. When she speaks, she does so loudly, her voice echoing through the forest clearing.

[Shaureyne]: On this night, Mother Moon, I offer you the fruits of our labor - of your labor. On this night, Mother Moon, we request your succor.

[Shaureyne]: Our watch has ended, our battles have been fought. We reach out to you now, Mother Moon, war-torn and weary, to release our boons - your boons - to another. To uphold your legacy, as you have upheld ours.

[Shaureyne]: Of vigilance, strength, and determination. Of vitality, benevolence, and reverence. With this offering, Mother Moon, we ask you to release this unit from duty, so another may take our place. With this offering, Mother Moon, we return ourselves to you.

With this, Shaureyne gently lowers her tabard into the moonwell. She stands up and backs away from it as it floats in the blessed waters. For a bleak moment, nothing seems to happen.

Then, as though Elune herself were reaching down from the heavens, a shimmer of bright silvery light fades into view directly over the tabard. It slowly begins to float up and out of the moonwell, unfolding on its own until it is in full view for the entire gathering to behold.

Anathian gasps within his helm!
Seldarine gasps, in wonder.
Elliistra's eyes follow the tabard up.
Alyshara smiles.
Mirodiil gasps.
Elleandrie had to wipe the corner of her eye.
Kelanthos closes his eyes, reciting a silent prayer within his mind.
Xeqwena's face lights up with a small grin at the wonder, her eyes following the tabard on its ascent.
Líall breathed the words, "Zin'al Elune!"
Iyora looks on in awe.
Ilandros quietly hums a small dirge to himself.

The tabard hangs there briefly, as if undergoing some sort of silent analyzation. Then, in an instant, it glimmers brightly in the light. Glittery silver rains from the cloth until, finally, Elune’s holy light absorbs it entirely. As it does, the scene fades back into dusk. The moonwell waters settle. The unit is laid to rest.

Hâzel is still crying--just a bit.
Seldarine smiles at the display.

Shaureyne carefully removes herself from the pool, though her back is still turned to the gathering. She stares at the spot in the sky where her tabard had just been, and she sighs.

Anathian coughs past a sudden lump in his throat...
Maeshkin nods at Mirodiil.
Mirodiil smiles at Maeshkin.
Mirodiil points onward to the spot of the remarkable scene.
Veyati makes a small sound of contentment.
Kèlthos hangs his head for a moment, ears drooping down towards the earth.

Shaureyne finally turns to face the gathered crowd. A stray tear manages to find its way down her face, but otherwise, the captain was a captain no longer. She just was.

The gathered crowd bows before Shaureyne and salutes her once again.

Feyawen waved her hand, casting a small blessing over Shaureyne.

[Shaureyne]: ... Thank you, again. To all of you. Thank you for being here to witness this moment.

[Shaureyne]: This... officially concludes the decommission ceremony of the Razorleaf unit.
"Return to your base. Prepare your greatest warriors. The Sentinel army will not fall to the likes of you brutes."
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