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#13463987 Oct 01, 2017 at 01:58 AM
Elune adore, my kin!

I was randomly searching for more info on Night Elf facial markings when I came across your page that discusses it:

As it turns out, I am the author of these descriptions! I did some research and came up with these to give some lore context for these markings (especially for when creating new characters). I had this posted on my guild's old site (The Fellowship of Teldrassil on Cenarion Circle) until guild portal closed a few years back and our site became defunct. Would've been nice to have a reference to our guild on your page, but I'm flattered and delighted you posted it :)

Looking around on your site, I see that you officially retired in June of this year. I'm so sorry to learn of this! I've known about your guild for years (I started playing in summer of 2008), and always intended to make a character and join. I'm sorry I never did, because your guild sounds like it would've provided the exact kind of RP experience I was looking for at the time. You have such a great site here, and the care and dedication that went into your guild is evident.

My guild, The Fellowship of Teldrassil, is still alive and well, albeit in a new, virtually non-RP incarnation. But there are those of us that want to revive the RP, so perhaps we will come to this site from time to time, to wander about and glean some lore or inspiration, as the Kaldorei of old wandered the groves in search of wisdom.

It saddens me that such a devoted RP guild is no more. But please know that the spirit of what you created still resonates with those of us that hold RP near to our hearts-especially Night Elf RP! Perhaps I'll reach out in-game to those guild members that remain to say hello and pay my respects. Until then.

-Arkonn Treeshadow
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#13464542 Oct 01, 2017 at 11:36 AM · Edited 5 years ago
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Hello Arkonn, and thank you! I am so sorry we didn't provide any credit to you and the Fellowship! :(

In truth, I had no idea that you were the original writer. Zelara posted the thread many years ago with no other linked sources, so I presumed she was the one who created it. I will be absolutely certain to ensure you and your guild are properly credited in the future, and have edited both the markings thread here on this website, as well as the one I posted for my current guild, the <Silver Circle>, to reflect this news.

We definitely put a lot of heart into the Silverwing Sentinels, and I truly appreciate your sentiments, which I've made sure to pass on to my old officers. Admittedly, though, a lot of the information here is already pretty dated!

I highly encourage you to check out if you would like to delve even deeper into kaldorei lore and headcanons, which are generally free to be utilized by the community at large. Since you are a fan of Silverwing's RP concept, you might enjoy Silver Circle's too. :)

<SentineI> is also an AMAZING guild when it comes to the more military oriented themes of kaldorei RP! I encourage you to check out their website as well.

You are also more than welcome to contact me in-game if you would like to chat or possibly organize some RP together! I hope the current iteration of the Fellowship goes forth to become a renewed beacon of kaldorei excellence. :D
"Return to your base. Prepare your greatest warriors. The Sentinel army will not fall to the likes of you brutes."
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#13465811 Oct 02, 2017 at 10:26 AM
Shaureyne, thank you for adding the note to your sites--very kind and considerate of you! In hunting around, I found a couple other sites/forums that credit Zelara or a different person as the author using a slightly modified version of what I wrote, so I'll reach out to them at some point. I didn't expect my little list to make its way around, but I'm happy that people thought it was interesting enough to use!

I have a copy of my response that was on guild portal from early 2010 to a guild member who had contacted a GM (I feel quite sure of this, but she could've been reposting what someone else had found) to ask what the facial markings meant. (Remember back in the day when GM's would take lore questions? haha!) That is when we got the list of names (the names that eventually appeared in the in-game barber shop) for the markings and found out that each had a spiritual significance, though the significance was not explained. (I wish I had a copy of that guild member's post!) So that was when I took it upon myself to come up with some meanings for these markings that were as true to the lore as possible, filling in the blanks where needed with what seemed to be most relevant or made the most sense. I used the WC3 manual, the WoW Battle Chest guide, and WoWpedia as my sources. The associated qualities were all my own invention, since I always had an interest in astrology and divination, and just as in texts of that kind, it seemed appropriate to provide some key words and phrases to help the reader gain a fuller sense of what the significance was. The hypothesis for not having any markings was also my own (though this is the section that others seemed to expand on and alter). My original list also included a little preamble that read:

"The Tattoos and Their Associations
The following is speculation based on information provided by Blizzard, combined with our own assumptions based on our knowledge of Night Elf lore."

So that's the story about that! (And if you're interested, I can provide the post where we're speculating more in depth on the meaning of an absence of markings).

Thank you for the links to your new site, and that of <Sentinel>. BOTH of your guilds/sites are AMAZING!! I'm in awe of what you have accomplished, the depth of your creativity, and the effort and devotion it takes to manifest and maintain it. Admittedly, I was having a bit of mixed feelings looking at these sites, because in many ways this is what I had hoped the Fellowship of Teldrassil could've been like. But fate leads us down unseen roads, and I am immensely grateful that my guild as endured all these years, and also for all the lessons learned and growth I have undergone as a direct result of leading the guild, though we eventually veered away from RP. But simply knowing that guilds like yours are out there makes me happy, that committed, earnest, and epic RP is happening.

I will definitely be contacting you in game, so I look forward to that meeting :)
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