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Flattered by your use of my Night Elf Marking and Meanings ;D

Elune adore, my kin!I was randomly searching for more info on Night Elf facial markings when I came across your page that discusses it: it turns out, I am the author of these descriptio...
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Hello there! I'm the guild leader of a Sentinel guild on the EU server Argent Dawn and I saw you had a couple of really lovely things on your site, so I was just wondering if it would be alright if I borrowed them? Like the meaning of the kaldorei...
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The Site

Hello this is Elunarius. I tried sending an application and I can't gain access to your comments/concerns but I'd love to work with you on them. My Tech has been acting a bit wonky but hopefully I can get it fixed! :) so if any of the Offiers or g...
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So I'm kinda back

I dunno if anyone actually remembers me, I wasn't here that long. But I got a better computer and decided to come back for Legion.Was sort of hoping to rejoin, but I'd understand if not.
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Spacegoats seeking Night Elf End of the World friends

Greetings Silverwing Sentinels! Taliir, GM of the Sha'tor here! I would like very much for my goats to meet your elves soon 😀
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Darnassian Poetry Contest

Ishnu-alah, shan'are. Welcome to the Darnassian poetry contest, where Silverwing members and allies create their own headcanon Darnassian words to write poems. Guild members and guild allies are permitted to enter the contest. To learn more, pleas...
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Hi! I play Valian, but you can call me Val! I am excited to start rping with every one now that I got to think over how I want this character to be. I tend to be super friendly, am a father of two and am married to my beautiful wife. In many ways ...
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Hello, Silverwing Sentinels.Sarynth Stormglaive here. Currently hailing from Moon Guard, and soon to be leaping to Wyrmrest Accord to join your ranks.Cheers.
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Hello Silverwing Sentinels,I am Kiranie Moonseer, Priestess of Cenarius and Oracle of the Moon, and more importantly, a member of Sentinel, another fine and prestigious group of Sentinels such as yourself.I just wanted to say hello and best wishes...
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Current Content raiding with Kalimdor Collective

Tor ilisar'thera'nal!<Kalimdor Collective> would like to cordially invite you along to join us in some current content raiding! As you may know, Warlord’s made normal and heroic much more flexible, so we can bring along 10 to 30 players into...
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Transmog Tuesday

I wanted to extend an open invite for all Silverwings to our weekly "Transmog Tuesday" classic raid night. <Sentinel> has been hosting this for a couple years now and we've helped a lot of people get those last few items they need for their ...
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Thank you

I just wanted to drop a note in to thank you for having me at your event this evening (well, yesterday evening technically but... eh. You get the idea!)I had a lovely time and will be keeping an eye open for more opportunities to meet with you.Th...
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